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Decades of hunting in the Great African Continent

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What is a safari or game hunting when it comes to Africa game hunting?  Is Africa being the continent with all its glamour of visiting and being depicted as what would be a safari with out hunting for game? All over the globe man has slowly tamed the wilderness all the way from the Arctic circle to the Cape of Good hope in Africa and deep in the Australia jungles. Just for the sake of animal hunting, man has pushed deeper in many of the world tropical rain forest piping his nose against the ruthless terror of the jungles which are richly infested with animals of different sizes big animals small animals venomous insects, poisonous plants and dangerous animal attacks along the way. In many of the African jungles, many have made safaris come hunting for game in these hunting territories resisted man with miles of dangerous jungles,  swamps infested by the African Nile crocodiles and the great hippopotamus, grassland full of lions, leopards cheetahs rhinos buffaloes and  many of the beautiful animals roaming the African Savannah south of the Sahara Desert just for the sake of game hunting and reasons best known to them as to really what is a safari for them.

Having an access a safari to these hunting areas, many hunters while on their hunting outfitters would battle rapids, waterfalls and crocodiles of different sizes. Their great African safari dugout canoes would be just too flimsy and would easily tip over in these dangerous African great rivers if one had opted to get into the deep jungles of Africa for the best hunting places.

From the early 1900s Africa for hunting safaris was "The Place" for the rich and the royal to go hunting.........READ MORE ABOUT ........Dangerous animal hunting of the decades in Africa


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