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Dangerous Scorpion

Africa Emperor scorpion

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Where are scorpions found?

What’s the worst sting you have ever felt without even knowing if it’s a black scorpion sting? Well these eight-legged venomous invertebrates are found from the rich African savannah land, the hot and cold American deserts, the Amazon jungles and along the Himalayas. Just like spiders, mites and ticks, scorpions come from the class Arachnida, order Scorpions and members of the Arachnidaclass. 
Blue scorpion: cure for cancer
Cuban Blue Scorpion and its Power
In Cuba diluted venom from blue scorpions has been used not to treat scorpion bites but for more than 10 years the blue scorpion venom has been used to treat cancer. Though scorpion facts and more research on species of scorpion is still under way, many patients allege  that their tumors have disappeared upon taking the "medication," which is registered under the name Escoazul at the Cuban Office of Industrial Property. Who knows what the scorpion zodiac will foretell whether the scorpions in Florida or the scorpions in Arizona or the white scorpion might be the perfect match for the cure for cancer. As of yet there are still many obstacles as regards to the scorpion treatment venom which can be available in the local hospitals in many countries.With such disparities in opinions, any scorpion sting treatment should be given a healthy chance as that what an individual is entitled with.

The five line scorpion ( Leiurus quinquestriatus ), 
is highly toxic
Since there are little facts  about scorpions, it is estimated  that there are 1,300 species of scorpions worldwide hence the chances of someone getting a scorpion bite are very high due to the present movement of goods and people. The deathstalker scorpion  is one of the most venomous scorpions in the world which can kill if medical aid is delayed. There are very many items which are shipped in containers and since scorpions are known to survive different environmental conditions with little or no food at all who knows who might be the victim next. Farmers, and people who work in the forest are mostly prone to scorpion bites and stings. The only consoling phenomenon is that most people get used to it as not all scorpions are poisonous as their venom only works for a couple of hours and work goes on in the agrarian society. The are only around 25 scorpion species which are dangerous which cause around 1000 to 2000 fatalities or scorpion related death per year.

Description and facts about scorpions
A scorpion looks more or less like a prawn with a segmented body and a long tail and, more or less like a crab on the front part. All scorpions have eight legs just like a spider and a pair of very sharp pincers that rises and curls up with a stinger at the tip of the tail. The round pointed tip contains the scorpion venom gland which is always curled if there is no threat. Most people get stun by surprise or while they are holding scorpion. For your protection using a stick, wearing gloves or a pair of tweezers would spare you the harm of a scorpion bite.

Asian Forest Scorpion
Danger lies on the scorpion venom
Like all insects in the world we live in, scorpion venom is used as a protection and for survival mechanism. With the right amount of venom and depending on the pray, the scorpion sting can produce both the prevenom and the  potent opaque venom which is packed  with mixtures of salts, small molecules, peptides, and proteins additional toxin    to immobilize its  prey and results in a neurotoxin which depolarizes the nervous system of the victim. 

By judging its prey and through its warning systems, the scorpion uses its venom wisely and conserves its venom where it is used the most if it is for bigger predators or insects. Although there little information about scorpion related deaths many people have taken dangerous scorpion keeping as a hobby just for the glory of it while some treat it as a delicacy. Dogs and cats often sniff out insects who roam at night so having a dog or a cat will prevent you from having that excruciating pain from any dangerous scorpion that might be hiding in your living environment.

Androctonus bicolor: note the very slimpedipalps
 compared to Androctonus crassicauda
Scorpion sting venom effects.
Every scorpion sting site will always be accompanied with swelling and pain which could be mild or intense and swelling depending on the individual which could ease up within an hour with periodic numbness, muscular tingling and spasms. The more severe scorpion sting effects are always associated with very sharp pain in the areas of the nodes notably the groin and the armpits. 

Since the scorpion venom affects the nervous system, people start to panic and as breathing becomes difficult which is always associated with numbness of the throat and face with a gradual increase in temperature. Many people die due to convulsions and as a result of respiratory failure which comes after a passage of time without medical help. After realising that someone needs any sort of scorpion treatment, keeping the person calm and well rested helps prevent the venom from spreading. At the same time, is someone can go look for help that is also the best option as there are cases whereby even after going to the hospital for getting any scorpion treatment, most of the hospitals worldwide don't have the scorpion antidote. The best solution is to stay safe and don't get bitten

Scorpion Parabuthus_transvaalicus_(male)
The genus Androctonus scorpions are among the most dangerous species of scorpion or the thickest arch scorpions. The scorpion stings of the species Androctonus australis are similar to a single deadly bite of a cobra and it takes seconds for a dog to die. Humans can take a pain killer or even an antihistamine tablet if available at hand. If the worst comes along treating scorpion stings should be treated with a scorpion an antidote treatment. The rule of thumb applies to all people that a healthy person has a good chance of survival from a scorpion bite, but the elderly, the weak and children are more prone to succumb to the scorpion poison

Scorpion babies on their mothers back
The biggest scorpion in the world: where to avoid
The average length of an adult scorpion is about 2 to 3 inches where as some of the longest scorpions are found in the African Savannah known as Hadogenes troglodytes or African scorpions which could reach lengths of about 7 to 9 inches long. The African scorpion can spray its venom up to almost one meter away hence its name the scorpion king. The African scorpion close relatives in the American sub continent, the Hadrurus scorpion or the hairy giant desert scorpion can reach a length of about 4 to 6 inches. While some could be flat while some scorpions would have fatter than their elongated body, the amount of scorpion venom and the number of scorpion stings will determine how lethal a scorpion bite is

Fat-tailed scorpion highly poison 
Like any other nocturnal, many scorpions hunt or forage for food during the night and rest or hide from predators during the day. Rocks, logs cracks and any undergrowth provide protective cover while some scorpions are known to dig burrows. The scorpion barrows tend to bring the scorpion families together and share food as a group.

Scorpion’s food.
Striped bark scorpion (Centruroides vittatus)
The scorpion top of the food chain includes insects of different varieties, centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders and different species of scorpions. Since scorpions are predatory they always tend to surprise their victims. When humans are moving objects or passing within their vicinity, they are always prone to such attacks hence the lethal venom which is a cause of many fatalities with the absence of quick medical help.  
Scorpion Euscorpius flavicaudis
For all those who are out there camping, being very watch full can prevent any attacks from scorpions. You need to understand the symptoms of a scorpion sting and get prepared for it. Shaking clothes, shoes even the towel your going to wipe yourself with needs to be handled with care. Beddings, water containers or vessels need to be inspected before one gulps a live scorpion down his throat. Tents, sleeping bags a must shake before and after use to prevents any scorpion attacks. For those who like to feel close to nature after wearing shoes for a whole decade, walking with thick socks and long boots prevents the eminent threat from being stung in places where you tread. A first aid kit with some ice pack always come in handy to reduce the swelling from the scorpion sting site. That will make you have a nice day and a better night!
This scorpion is broader in size than 
long than long.
This scorpion is found in small burrows, under stones,
 in cracks and crevices and one of the deadliest .Found in USA,
Africa, Australia and Asia. Has a painful sting

Italiaanse schorpioen (Euscorpius italicus)
Scorpion maurus palmatus ready to sting
Scorpion Centruroides suffusus
Scorpion Centruroides infamatus
This scorpion is frequently found in the exotic animal
Androctonus australis in  a terrarium
 with real Saharan sand.
Scorpion Androctonus australis.
White Scorpion
Not found in Antarctica and New Zealand,
has a mild pain
 and not very toxic

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