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Monday, 21 November 2011

May wild animals just as humans have faced different natural calamities. Just as big and small they are, different wild animals do struggle to make sure that the have a nice family and a continuation of their generation as well. Have you ever seen a wild animal in times of diversity with all the global warming and different natural calamities coupled with deforestation and loss of animal natural habitat?. 

With different natural and ananimal habitats, dangerous animals  stinging insects  and crowling reptiles would emberk on a journey as they make their breeding grounds,  hives, holes and nests which depending on the natural habitat go diffentet ways just to gather that special building material from long distance to make it a home.

When these beautiful animals whether snakes who could have gathered dry grass or an eagle  which could have flown with great speed and covered miles back and forth just to complete the nesting place or a home and ready to lay eggs or give birth to live ones in terms of different snake species  the dangerous weather conditions, or the unforgiving exploitation of our natural habitat by man in different parts of the world, you find that humans and may of the other animals species just as the natural food chain and  survival for the fittest, these animal shelters end up being destroyed just keeping in mind how much effort these animals have made just to prepare that breeding grounds or a place to lay these precious eggs or to give birth

Dangerous animals such as elephants are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. The do not forget things and will always remember every inch of the way just as a dangerous lion will mark its territory with its scent to protect its pride. 

These exotic animals, stinging  insectes and venomous reptiles do not give up wheether its an endagered turtle which is going back to the shores Mauritious or the warm shores of the Australian coast. Giving up is not just a part of their vocabulary or they just didnt have to go to an animal school to learn it but just the sheere animal instinct is that they are born with it and the moment they set foot on  this dangerous but beautiful animal habitat which is there for them to live and flourish. These sophisticated intelligent animals of the times will
 start over from scratch building and rebuilding their breeding space, den or even look for another enclosure or  the grass thacthed nest again and again day in day out

until  they have those little tinny cubs, babies, eggs in the den, hive, crevices, cave or nest again


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