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The African Elephant 6 Major muscle unit and the Nile Crocodile Jaws

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

October 25, 2011 for the latest animal attacks news on the link  below

Wild animal greatest wits in nature along the African Savannah
African Elephants and  the River Nile crocodiles have co existed in the rich Savannah grass lands of the African continent. Both these animals have long history of  being on the top in terms of hunting for their tusks as far as the elephant is concerned while the Nile crocodile and the rest of the species have been a delicacy to and a source of food for those living around the swamps, lakes and navigable rivers of the continent. Their products have ended up into the world's unending lucrative markets while the supply keeps on changing with the global and policies due to the love of such wild animals. Although there is little data about the African elephants and the African crocodiles fatalities and information about their numbers, deforestation, land encroachment and loss of habitat has paved way for such animal species to be endangered by humans

In the light of the above it might be very interesting to note that elephants with all their brains which are a second to none from humans can be put in such strange situations. Despite the fact that the elephant trunk has 6powerful major muscles, one would think that just as we humans we always want to gamble with the lives our families instead of insuring them. The elephant's trunk as a grasping tool can lift loads of up to 250kg as far as a grown up elephant is concerned. The elephant trunk being the most important part of the elephant and is used for smelling and a tool to resuscitate its young ones when they are not breathing, One would wonder and concur that curiosity really killed the cat.

Our dear Nile crocodile while waiting for the wildebeest migration to pass through the Mara River at the Masai Mara National Par kin Nairobi Kenya or for any other easy pick on prey to come along after a long waiting, the Nile crocodiles will wait for the amazing parade of the zebras and the wildebeest to come found it right to pick on the elephant. The months of July have seen major bookings in all hotels along the Masai Mara river as people from all walk of life flock these beautiful animal habitat to share what nature has to offer. As the saying goes every visit has its own experience no matter how many times you go and see the wildebeest animal migration.    No matter the size, crocodiles will always want to grab and bring down their prey in the water. The crocodile will them role  in the water with its prey clinging to the mouth and for such a powerful elephant, the odds were turned and the crocodile became the one being rolled. The Nile crocodiles will always  hold whatever goes into their mouth until they find or sense that there is harm coming their way. Just as people tend to stick to things without changing their ways and vies as circumstances changes. The baby elephant knows that there is only one mother she can trust on.  In the simple essence trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the fundamental principle that holds all relationships.

The only good reason why the Nile crocodile was subdued by the baby elephant was just the old animal instinctive trick which has been grind over and over into our complex brain unknowingly. The baby elephant poked its baby trunk with its two finger like structures at the tip and with that simple manoeuvre, the mother elephant was able to move for safety bellowing and perambulating with a cloud of water showering the ground after being denied the fundamental right of breathing. People like to share good stories and good animal pictures but the bottom line is we should all share information educate   and communicate with one another in keeping these wild animals alive.  For all the tourist and nature loving people,  animals can stop to be endangered if we only stop buying items in the local shops. If the buying stops the poaching decreases hence the preservation of more wild and rare species.


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  1. Elephants are just elephants, They are some of the most cleverest animals in the world.

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