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Dangerous lions

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Dangerous lion eyes with killer looks
Lions and especially the African lions are the world’s to ten most dangerous animals and the most feared animals in the world. Lions also known and Panthere Leo come from the cat family and from the genus Panthera.  These dangerous lions have attacked people in their farms, lions have attacked people in their cars in many occasions while on their African Safaris, lions have attacked their trainers in circuses and lions still keep on attacking zoo keepers and porches in many parts of the world where these dangerous animals are still found. 

The lion’s size and agility pounces with close proximity and with its massive giant paws and canines no one comes alive when you have a close encounter with a lion on a one on one basis.
The lions mane gives the lion the looks

A full grown up male lion with its majestic and beautiful lion’s mane can weigh up to 250kg to 300kgs. With three times the average size of a human being, The lion has a very big advantage of with its body weight. When the lion pins you down, the lion will always try to get hold of your neck which will always be punctured as most lions like to go to the jugular vein and will either maul you while you are still alive or carry you to the nearest safe zone to finish you up.  The African Continent is blessed with many beautiful dangerous animals which are born free to roam most of the Africa’s great national park such as Tsavo National park, Masai Mara national park, Serengeti national park, Amboseli National Park, Kruger National park are just some of the many national parks and game reserves where these dangerous lions and many of the Big Five are also found. 
Dangerous lion's  sharp canines

In the Asia, South East Asia, North and South American region the lion population is just a handful as most of the lions were trapped for their skins, some lions were shot as a sport trophy while some lions were killed due to some cultural value to some of the lions body parts as many of the reasons as to why lions were killed or hunted. 

Man and lions have been predator and prey to one another due to the benefits they get from each other it has been survival for the fittest.

Lion cubs are weaned to be deadly

 Despite many attempts to tame the lion, 
man has not yet fully understood what it takes to be in the shoes of a lion with all its psychological, physical and above all some simple animal rights needs which need to be adhered to. Lion attacks news are always the  top stories and very few people escape lion attacks episodes and live to tell the tale seconds before the lion attacks

Endangered white lions

The Decline of the lion species
With a lot of research, tagging and tracking most of the lions world wide in an effort to save the last of the worlds lions, different charity organizations and individuals have gone miles to save the remaining lions in areas where the population of the lions is small. With lion attacks being less as compared to the African jungles, 

it’s by such efforts that people risk their lives and in the end also become victims of dangerous lion and other animal attacks

The king of the jungle spares no animal
Lion’s natural habitat has been lost with the increase in the scramble for agricultural land and settlement. 

The lions feeding ground has been extended as many of the wild animals such as the impala, gazelle, buffalo, zebras, giraffe and other small animals have been forced to new grounds also due to weather conditions and as a result of land demarcation and other national projects in many parts where most lions reside in Africa south of the Sahara desert. With such lion habitat lost, the Kenyan Masai nomads, and many pastoralist who have lived with the lions for decade always find themselves victims of many lion attacks together with their heard of cattle and other farm animals as well. What has been lacking in many of these dangerous attacks? Well education, information and education about lions and lion attacks has not been on the forefront. 

With little being reported or seeking medical help mostof the lion attakcs and encounters just go unnoticed unless for the few cases which see the news of the day
Lions attack 
Lions scout from afar their next meal

A lion's roar warn you for an attack
The male lion is the one which heads the lion pride and take the lions share while all the female lions go hunting with some growing up male lions too while not all the female take part in hunting and feeding the young lion cubs.  In the wilderness lions have to fight other lions and in many animal and lion attacks, the lifespan of a lion deteriorates as it also becomes vulnerable to other predators and other lions too which might be protecting their pride and many other lion habitat as well.

Lions eat & guard 
what belongs to them
An average male lion can live for ten years or longer. 

At the moment, with an increase in animal rights and animal protection you find that where these lions have been bred in captivity, the lions lifespan has had a better chance of survival as there is always nourishment and constant observation from any ailment and other discomfort. Many animal sanctuaries have tried to give their best to these animals but all that said animals will always want to explore what nature has to offer withal the diversity of the flora and fauna found in any corner of the world in terms of the natural environment and the general atmosphere. Lions have been known to live for twenty years in captivity. 

Watching lions in zoos or animal sanctuaries this to some brings closer to home those people who would wan to go to an African Safari to watch these dangerous animals tread the Savannah. While some may say its better to see a lion at a safer distance, it’s the thrill of a safari which really captures the moment and all the lion adrenalin fever to capture that moment when the lions are hunting for their prey whether its during the great animal migration or just the onset of the long 
rains in the east African national parks

As docile as they can be killers to
The lion know as the King of the jungle works hard to protect its pride and the lion’s family as well. The  male lion can move long  distances looking for food and will not hesitate to kill any other animals which comes into its territory as most animals you name it; bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys, gorillas, hippos and even to the smallest scorpion and the African Safari ants are very territorial just as the lions.

The South West African Lion

Two male lions are common to
hunt together
There are many kinds of lion species in the world. The most distinct marking of many of the lions is the lion’s mane. Like all other animals, the male lion has distinct markings as compared to any other male or female lion recent lion species in different parts of the world.
The mane of the male loin is distinct in such a way that it’s lighter in color than its cousins along the African savannah lions mostly found in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and some parts of Namibia and Malawi while the Asian continent lion are mostly found in India, China, Bangladesh Afghanistan and some South East Asian countries as well.
The South West lions are mostly found in the African forests and deep in the jungles Angola, Zaire, Zambia, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana. The south west African lions name is lighter in color than lions of other subspecies. This is part of clear distinction between the different lion species which roam the jungles of Africa

South West African Lion
The Indian Lions
Lions whether from the African jungles of the Indian forest are all dangerous animals. While on some places, animals are considered sacred, a great toll of people  always fall prey to these dangerous lions in different parts of the lion’s world in general. The Indian lions are mostly found in the across Southwest Asia, Persian and are also known as the Indian Lion. These Indian Lions once thriving with a lion population extending as far as far as Turkey were wiped out with reasons best kwon to man with his culture and habitat. Today, the Indian or Asian lions are localized in places such as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh and with shrinking numbers of lions and many not being accounted for.
South West African Lion

The Tsavo Lions
Tsavo lions can develop fuller manes than previously recognized and that mane development is a continuous process as lions advance in age. No where in the world have any dangerous lions made their names in the animal hole of fame other than the Tsavo lions as being the most dangerous. The Tsavo lions or man eaters look way different from other lions as far as male lions are concerned. As a sight of honor glamour and splendor which I seen in every male lion on earth, the Tsavo male lions have well less mane or no mane at all which is very rare as far as the lion massive head and sheer lions face is concerned. If the mane is there, it has less color as compared to other lions found in many parts of the world as well. 
Asiatic lions
The Tsavo lions with less mane

Lions waiting to Attack
The Tsavo lions started their attacks during the construction of the East Africa Uganda Railway which was from the beautiful Coast of Mombasa, passing through the rich flora and fauna along the Tsavo area which was already well populated with all sort of animals you can found in Africa. These slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro provided the best animal variety and hence the superb place for many of the lion attacks which tool place. The Tsavo lions having spotted a weak link in its food chain as there was a lot of ground to be covered in search of food, Men and slaves who were left behind during the slave trade era were just a burden to the convoy. 
The strong were able to continue with their journey to Mombasa while the weak ones were left at the mercy of the dangerous Kenyan wild jungles with all the dangerous animals at their disposal. 

These people or slaves became easy prey to many lions and hence the appetite of human flesh. With death tolls ranging from 150 to over 300, a great many people diet during the construction of the railway before the two dangerous lions could be put down.
With the exclusion of the alpha male in many of the Tsavo prides, these Tsavo male lions never bothered to dominate a pride hence most of the solitude male used to hunt together in packs. 
Lion attacks and the rise of the full moon
The great Tsavo man eaters
While some say that you never go out in the dark or when there is a full moon. Some tribal elders used to say that African lions are very sensitive during the night and especially when there is moonlight. This is when many lion attacks take place and lions find it easy to hunt humans rather than the other wild animals. Well that being said, who would want to find himself in such an awkward dangerous situation. Well the natives of many of these African forest inhabitants have been part of this lion and lion attacks cycles and many have become victims of circumstances. 

Old Tsavo lion with grown mane
Many farmers who try to stay and keep watch during the night to fend off dangerous hippopotamus, wild pigs and even the African elephant from eating their crops and farm produce. Given the glimpse of the situation and the given stakes, these African farmers have no choice but to safeguard what is theirs and do what is best in order to survive. Many of the mostly on humans take place  when the moon is faint or below the horizon. 

Lions waiting to hunt
Farmers from distant places always walk miles back to their homes as most of the means of transport and communication are always very grim and its during these wired hours of the  night when people are most active between dusk and 10 p.m.. This is the most dangerous period when most lion attacks take place mostly in the first weeks following the full moon when the moon rises at least an hour after sunset. 
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