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Lion Attack Files-News, Around the World species attacks on human

Saturday, 23 April 2011
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Big cats
These big cats certainly mean business. With destruction of their natural habitat and a decline in prey species, particularly concerning the tiger and North American mountain lion or cougar, attacks on humans are increasing. The African lion is the biggest and most feared of big cats, but holidaymakers on safari are 100 per cent safe viewing from a vehicle, unless they decide to take a closer look and step down. 

Mountain lions are found in many national parks and are responsible for six attacks a year in the USA and Canada. The are responnsible for over 800 deaths each year in    many parts of the world and especially many parts of North America where thre are alot of wild animals who sometimes leave their natural habitate and wonder around from the national parks.

The lion known in history during the Kneya Uganda railway is pretty well known as the man eater. Plenty of good men and women working on the railway track succumed to their death due to the wild animals in the places where the raiway line passes mostly at Tsavo National Park.
Their mode of attack is generally to attack from the back and concentrating  to bite the jugular or break the neck. With the cover of tall grass in most savanah land, lions stalk their prey and often attack from a vantage point while they are alone or in groups.

Prevention  techniques of being attacked: Since most attacks take place in the jungles,  avoid a supprise attack by a lion or any of the big cats, one should aware of the location where these cats are located. Going into the wilderness without protection or without a guide is to openly invite to danger with open hands. When you find yourself in a frightful position, trying to run away is not the best solution unless you have a place to hide in where the big cats can not reach you. Staring the lion in the eye and not moving will deter the lion from attacking. Most animals always make themselves appear bigger than their real size.

Extending or opening your arms wide open and appearing rather larger inhibits the lion to make a judgement but makes its mind rumble as to what kind of strange creature is and from where as they are unlikely to attack a larger animal, particularly in the case of a mountain lion. Shouting for help will do the trick while seizing an object to protect yourself will work. When the worst come to the worst, you just have to wrestle with the animal and striking the eyes or the nose do do some little harm to give you a chance to run for your life. If stones are nearby  afew throws with a great aim might make a difference between life and death.

The lion know as the King of the jungle works hard to protect of his pride and family as well.The  male lion can move long  distances looking for food and will not hesitate to kill any other animals which comes into its territory or if its hungry
The Indian Lion
This breed of lion which is similar to the African lion also known as Asiatic Lion  is another type of the lion which lives in the South Asian Subcontinent and mainly the  Gir Forest of Gujarat in India.  Hunters,luck of water and animals of pray has led almost to extinction of this Prestigious animal of the state of Gujarat.

The Puma
This small African kinsman is among the most reared   animal in the American continent, Some where it is also known as a puma, cougar, and catamount. This big cat of many names is also found in many habitats, from Florida swamps to Canadian forests, the Andes mountain range and along the west coast of North America. This kind of Mountain lions like to catch on deer, though they also tend to eat smaller animals such as coyotes, porcupines, birds and whatever comes in its line of food chain and they like to hunt during the night or during the gloaming hours of dawn and dusk. This type of lion or cats moves with  a blend of stealth and power with given advantage of their tan brown color, stalking their prey until an opportunity arrives to pounce, then going for the back of the neck with a fatal bite.

For their counterparts in the colder regions of Canada, they do have a thicker coat which keeps them warm during the colder months. When it is not hungry or if there is abundant of food supply it will hide large food and feed on it later. With every danger which comes along the way while in Safaris, On a journey, Research or in unfriendly territory the only way to get out of it with proper medical help: 

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  1. Lions are very beautiful dangerous animals and just dont forget its a jungle out there.

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    Mountain lions are found in many national parks and are responsible for six attacks a year... eh?

  1. It always boils down to animal safety and animal protection for both people and animals as well. With different animal instincts, some animal attacks are provided while some are just a sheer luck of good protection against these deadly animals which people long to see and to have a good time while in their respective animal sanctuaries

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