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Endangered species animal attack in the modern world: conservation and protection of rare species.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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Endangered animals
Many parts of this planet were blessed with an abundant flora and fauna. With mechanization and the onset of industrialization, these born free animals and the natural vegetation stated to be depleted as a result of human activity and what was the end phenomenon, the extinction or near extinction of most of the animal and plant species. On the other hand, an endangered species is any species of animal or plant threatened with extinction as a result of the ongoing human activities to nature.

Pollution and the spillover effect destruction of habitats is the single and the greatest threat to many species around the world. Man has overexploited many of the animal and plant species and degraded most of the animal habitat and the ecology of many natural vegetation around the world. On the other hand,  the natural habitat degradation due to human activities is also part of the main cause for losses in biodiversity and may effects which results in many dangerous animal attacks.

Common Name            Location
Addax                                       North Africa
African Wild Ass                         Kenya, EthiopiaSomaliaSudan
African Wild Dog                        East Africa, West Africa, Central & South africa
Asian elephant                           Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Bali, 
Aye-aye                                   Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)
Barbary Serval                           Algeria
Black Rhinoceros                        East Africa, West Africa, Central & South Africa
Cameroon Clawless Otter            CameroonNigeria
Cheetah                                     Africa  and South Asian counties 
Chimpanzee                               African countries
Clarke's Gazelle                          EthiopiaSomalia and Sudan
Coquerel's Sifaka                        Madagascar
Cuvier's Gazelle                          AlgeriaMoroccoTunisia
Dama Gazelle                            Africa
Dorcas Gazelle                           Algeria,IraqIsraelJordanMoroccoSomalia                                                                                  
Dugong                                    East Africa Mauritious, Sri Lanka Southern Japan
Ethiopian Wolf                           Ethiopia
Fork-crowned Lemur                   Madagascar
Golden jackal                             Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh
Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur             Madagascar
Leopard                                     Africa, Asia, Middle East
Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat         Madagascar
Mediterranean Monk Seal              Mediterranean Sea, NorthAfrican  Black Sea
Mountain Zebra                           NamibiaSouth Africa, Angola, Botswana
Pygmy Chimpanzee                     Congo Brazzavile Democratic Republic of Congo 
Pygmy Mouse Lemur                     Madagascar
Red-eared Nose-spotted Monkey     CameroonFernando PoNigeria
Rodrigues Fruit Bat                       Indian Ocean (Rodrigues Island)
Sand Cat                                     Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East
Slender-horned Gazelle                  AlgeriaEgyptLibyaSudan
Striped Hyena                              Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Europe
Western Giant Eland                     Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana,  Ivory Coast
Western Lowland Gorilla                Central and Western Africa countries
White-throated Guenon                 Western Nigeria
Zanzibar Suni                               Zanzibar and pemba islands
Dangerous animals protection
On the Friday May 20th , 2011 according to the Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) its main objectives and was to find ways and means to Seek an End to  Convenience Killing of Homeless Animals in New York Shelters. PRNews Wire News Releases. Many animals in many communities were on the run, some had the potential of not being vaccinated and posed a threat of rabies while the rest of the animals could be a source of many animal attacks which was a health and a life threatening to many.

As far as The Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA), is concerned, it was a bill that was intended to save the lives of over 25,000 homeless pets every year, had been put on the forefront and gotten its chance to be introduced in the famous New York by State Assembly Member Micah Kellner. As far as animals are concerned, the  CAARA was to  insure the  crucial protection for all the  homeless pets in New York,  and to a greater extent to put an  end to all "convenience" killing by animal  shelters (killing when there are empty cages) and this act would  make it illegal to kill any animal if at any point some rescue groups were  willing to save these animals.

As far as animal facts and figures are concerned, statewide survey on animals conducted found that 71% of all New York State rescue groups surprisingly had been turned away by many of the shelter groups and with reasons best known to them had gone forward and killed the very same animals they had offered to save.

"There are tens of thousands of animals in New York State shelters waiting to be adopted and most are healthy, well-behaved and just in need of a loving home," Assembly Member Kellner said. "When a humane organization volunteers to take these animals, they should not be denied. A shelter should work with them to the fullest extent possible. States like California and Delaware have already passed similar legislation, and now it is time for New York to step up to the plate."

With the advent  of time and general with many animal attacks on the rise, animal rights awareness being on the forefront as animal safety and awareness is being achieved at a snail speed the modern society has pondered and questions arise if  there is  a future  for all animal rescue, adoption, education and protection?

Animal rescue, adoption, education and protection
As far as the media is concerned of 19th May 20011, The Jeanne Marching Vet Traing was inaugurated. The Jeanne M Marching International Center for Animals Welfare Education was to be part of the University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary study for veterinary Study. 

Since its main aim of the project was to extend its collaborate with its international partners with the aim of  delivering a  wide range educational initiatives catering for different people and cultures in different parts of the world. 

With the diverse of  different animal species from different animal  habitat, this initiative was geared to give all loving animal  people power to all the veterinary  students too work all over the world as the core objective was to create and strengthen education on animal welfare for its students and thereby creating awareness and bring about the forum which would  be geared to spear head all animal rescue, adoption, education and protection and any other animal related  issues for the days to come. Political debate on animal welfare and protection issues were to be part and parcel of the centers involvement.

Africa's big five protection a clash with African Safari 
On the African continent on Wednesday, May 18 2011, it was reported that Cattle and wildlife clash over tourism. Tourism as far as Kenya is concerned was among the second foreign exchange earner and for the county. 

With the frequent time to time clashes over animal habitat which had been encroached and people property were lost and dangerous animal attacks and encounters were reported, the sheer allure of huge incomes from tourism had created panic among livestock farmers and traders in Taita Taveta County

The Kenyan Government schemes to set up disease free zones in the native habitat where the Masaai live along with the Kenya big five  to boost livestock farming especially for the lucrative export market had  hang in the balance as ranchers had no alternative but to set their sights instead on the value of conservancies. 

The official said turning the ranches into conservancies which to the world at large in terms of preservation of animals for the future was to be part of the conservation of endangered species and rare species of animals while on the contrary this would prove to be a very big blow to the Government’s plans but if that is what the owners wanted there was very little that could be done.
The majestic African Wild Dog only found mainly in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Malawi South Africa and a few other countries in of the Sub-Saharan Africa. With very few African wild dogs remaining, these endangered animals are protected by law and can only be hunted with special permission. The Black Rhinoceros just as the African Rhino is considered an endangered species and on the brink of extinction in may parts of Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and Angola where their number used to be plenty. This dangerous animal species has made come back thanks to the ongoing conservation in the sub Saharan Africa and many parts of the world.

With plenty of the African Cheetah research going on, the number of cheetah in East Africa where there is plenty of wild animals to attack and feed on, the African cheetah which is regarded as the fastest land animal in the world is part of the endangered species list. With little range to search for food and the demise of its territory and reported attacks, there are cases where animal water holes have been poisoned in order to stamp out or wipe out some of the dangerous animals to man.

Ethiopian Wolf only found in Ethiopia and the northern parts of Kenya is an exotic species of its own in the Ethiopian peninsula. With less than 300 in number, the Ethiopian wolf with very huge difference unlike the snow wolf and the ray wolf. This wolf species has undergone worse as far as its general feeding grounds are concerned. It has managed to withstand extreme weather conditions, diseases, and the general population as a whole.

One of the most dangerous animals which is feared by other animals mainly for its ability to crack bones with a single bite is no other than the Hyena.  Lions, tigers, cheetahs and leopards always fear this animal when it searches for food. As far as its cousin  “The Striped Hyena” which inhabits; Asia in areas of Pakistan, Bhutan, Africa, and the Middle East; Algeria, Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia and many parts of Europe is facing the same fate unless drastic actions are taken to conserve this stripped hyena before it becomes extinct.

Wild animals attacks on humans by endangered animals  such as lions, tigers, elephants, alligators, crocodiles, bears, snakes, mountain lions and all animals that are in the endangered species list have caused harm to people, property and the environment and above all have  become more common as people and animals start sharing the same animal and human habitat. 

As many people continue to occupy the animal’s world, many animal attacks will continue to rise as both plants and animals’ environment will continue to be destroyed from the Arctic polar bears to the dangerous poisonous snakes of Africa and Asia. People who love animals know what it takes to raise animals. Many animal loving people know that animals have feelings and they need love and a family too.

When the CAARA was formed in the USA, it was geared to undertake comprehensive measures that would go beyond giving rescue groups the access to take care of animals. The knowledge about animals and animal health qualifications and guidelines were it sets for both animal shelters and rescue groups as a whole. Outlining the responsibilities of those who work directly with the animals will help ensure that the animals receive proper care. These provisions ensure that animals are given fresh food and water on a daily basis, exercise and socialization with other animals, clean living environments, and prompt veterinary care.

"Animal loving Americans would be shocked to know the reality of what's happening in our nation's shelters– including abuse, horrific conditions and unnecessary killings," says Debi Day, Director of No Kill Nation. 

"Most shelters are mired in the status quo and unwilling to change, so CAARA is designed to mandate lifesaving policies at these facilities, and ensure safety, proper care and a chance at a good home for all shelter pets. We are thrilled that this legislation has been introduced in New York, as well as elsewhere across the US. CAARA is a crucial step on our road to a No Kill Nation."

Benefits of animal attacks, animal fights and mauling
Many pictures of animals including dangerous animal attacks have been portrayed or caught on video depicting dangerous  animals mauling people, many animal attacks indifferent parts of the world and in the normal natural animal environment while to some extent innocent people and zoo keepers fine themselves attacked by zoo animals. 

The African animals including the big five, the great sea animals such as the great white shark and not forgetting the Australian dangerous crocodiles, alligators and snakes have come to the limelight of being some of the most dangerous animals facts. The top dangerous animals have always lived to their expectations and the same animals have now become animals in danger. 

Despite the fact that there is always awareness as to where to get animals information, the national geographic society has done extensive research on animals around the world. According to animal attack statistics, it’s amazing now to see recent stories all over the world to hear   animals abuse, pet attacks, and dog attacks and recently in India where it was caught live on video animals. 

When animals attack on humans is aired on TV, this is the time when others are inspired to make animal games while to some extent funny animal videos which are humorous and very graphic animal pictures and animal photos come up In the end, you find all breath taking Oscar wining animal attack movies and armature home made animal attacks movies on you tube which can be easily accessed.

Adapting with nature from different animal attacks.
For the scientist, there is always a new way of finding why different animal attack takes place in different environment whether it is a provoked attack or a nun provoked attack the beginning. Different animal species with their evolved natural habitat and surroundings always determine the provocation and the intent of the attack. 

On the other hand, for the people who love dogs, snakes, lions, bears, monkeys just to mention a few you get that  many of them have kept them as pets while to some its just a mere necessity as a watchdog without prior knowledge of how to take care of dogs and other pets as well. What is the ramification, you find that expensive unwanted dog bite lawsuits and people seeking the services of dog bite attorneys are also on the rise. 

Most government has come up with different animal attack laws and animal attack compensation so that both the owner and the person attacked by animals are protected by law. Should the dog be blamed for such an animal attack just because it’s a dangerous animal, should the dog or animal owner be punished because proper care and animal precaution and protection was not take care of? How about people who provoke the animal both knowingly or  unknowingly. 

A good guess would be many of these animal attacks are so sudden such that there is always no time to foresee such animal encounters until they happen. Children who are bystanders or just inquisitive to play or the seemingly harmless dog just end up being the victim of animal attacks which could be very fatal

The Pros and Cons
In the recent news posted on the Hindu Times dated 15th May, the Indian Government announced the compensation to its people of all walk of life and mainly to the kin of people killed in attacks by wild animals as there have been devastating recent incidents which had prompted such a move for those people who are faced with permanent disability, deaths of domestic animals and crop loss as a result of the deadly and dangerous animal attacks which had come to be part of human rights and the need for the protection of the same dangerous animals roaming the jungles of Asia.

As far as the legality and the do and don’ts regarding the compensation and payments are concerned, the Order clearly state that the compensated amount of money will be handed over to the victims of the animal attacks if the person or people died, or those who got permanent disability or were injured during the event while they were in a restricted area or land which belonged to the government while the same goes to the loss of crops and farm animals too.

The persons killed during the animal attack incident  should not have indulged in unlawful activities in forest or restricted and protected natural habitat areas. Since curiosity killed the cat, you get that in this world which we are living in, survival for the fittest is always the order of the day. Man has evolved from being a hunter and a gatherer to sophisticate all rounded egoistic being looking for greener pastures in the rain forest, savannah, prairies and the pampas   where he is not intended to, there by exploiting and destroying our beautiful flora and fauna. 

There are numerous cases where animals have become extinct and very rare animal species are becoming extinct due to poaching hunting, wild fires and as a result of global warming and the loss of wild animals breeding grounds. The ecological misbalance as a result of the food chain has districted the natural food cycle of many of the animal species. Rare species of animals are on the brink of being wiped out and the list of endangered species keep on rising.

Despite the fact that there is always a very big hue and cry from different animal rights groups and animal rescue and animal shelter groups you find that such animal attacks take place in these localities hence a certified medical doctor should ascertain and confirm during post-mortem that the death was caused by a wild animal attack. With difficult scarce resources to investigate the cause of death in many third world countries, many incidences are not reported due to fear of being  found to be the culprit or on the wrong by the concerned agencies whereas you get that for those who are in this business, this is the price they will always have to pay. Since man has not been able to understand the really secrets of nature and all its wild animals mythology, it’s the common person who ends up being devastated by wild animals.

If you find yourself being in the migratory rout of the Canadian Bison, Kenyan wildebeest and the Indian jumbo elephant makes you prone to animal attack. In many third world countries where majority of the communities are agrarian nomadic pastoralists all or almost all dwellings are not permanent houses, you find that most farmers’ dwellings offer little protection over animal attacks. Thus you find that many people find themselves vulnerable and if a mud or grass thatched house, animal, water shed, pump house, pipeline or fence is damaged in a wild elephant attack, the owner will be paid and for loss of cattle and other domestic animals too

Animal protection. A new chapter for endangered species.
Since there has been a lot of  animal protection programs in may countries, animal parks, animal shelters and animal sanctuaries have been able to bring all endangered and rare species loser to man. 

The big question come where by are people or have people been able to bring the same natural habitat into the zoos and animal sanctuaries which does not affect their living space as they would have been in the wild? These animals have now started to be on the animal watch list of endangered species and most of the endangered animals have been bred and released back in the nature. With the increased awareness of animal rights and protection policies in many social institutions in many countries, many beautiful land and sea  animals like crocodiles, foxes and monkeys in India weren’t that plenty. 

As hunting and the demand for animal hides and skins and other different animal parts just to mention a few has led to the decline of such animal species to be wiped out. At the same time, flooding and changes in the environment have resulted in many animals finding themselves in new animal habitats. Are we to blame in such changes in our natural environment. Well animals have to adapt to it as we get to know these animals as time goes by.

Despite the boom in these animals, many localities and states continued to prevent and to label some of the animals as endangered species. Feeding of Foxes, Coyotes, bears and wild dogs say an increase in such animal population due to the easy availability of food which didn’t have any competition. With the changing climate conditions, most animals have been forces to look for water over long distances and that’s where nature collides with man.
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    Out of curiosity, if you are legally traversing land and an endangered species attacks you. Do you go to jail if you kill it? I have wondered this as I was in the military and the base training areas often have a number of wildlife roaming around. I'm not one to just lie there and let something mangle me to death no matter what it is or how few are left.

    Just so you know, I'm not a hunter and don't find that to be a fun sport. I just believe in survival if attacked. Whenever possible, I prefer to stay out of the way of wildlife, but there are times it can't be helped.

  1. Thanks a lot for the wise views. The modern world has always given us to cherish and as we yearn to get the best of what is there, we are always faces with me-gable situations which could be founded while some could be perceived. As for our dear friends who were victims of circumstances during their stay in the mountains for what would be an achievement, the situations proved to be what they ought to have faces in real life. The questionis were they really prepared for or sometimes we are just overwhelmed with what we have within and less of what without which would have worked for out utmost advantage. As far as your situation is concerned, any dangerous animal need to be perceived as a danger to anyone at any given time and place. The best thing is to use your God given wits to overcome all odds without getting into harms way.


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  1. Thanks Shreyas Ashkamkar for your comment about thee endangered animals. We need to save these animals for the future generation. Just as The Late Michael Jackson said we need to Heal the World in his famous song. We just need to take care of these beautiful animals we have. As we protect our animals we are as well healing the world with all what is in it.

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