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The Biggest African Nile Gustavo crocodile leads while the Crocodile Dandee follows

Friday, 26 August 2011
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The Largest African Nile crocodile in the world

Way back in the Eocene Epoch era, the Largest African Nile Crocodile was already destined to be hatched among the greatest African fresh water rivers infested with man eating deadly crocodiles. 

From the crocodile and the alligator family Africa was blessed with this monster crocodile which has not only been the center of all crocodiles in Africa and the world but among the crocodile world and among the Africa’s  Hole of Fame among being the Great Lake Victoria which is infested with giant Hippopotamus, the biggest Tilapia fish in the world which is the source of River Nile,  the longest river in Africa notably the River Nile, The famous great Pyramids along the River Nile in Egypt natural wonder of the world: the  biggest natural land formation being the Great Eastern and Western Rift Valley which is a natural habitat for all the beautiful flora and fauna of the African Continent.

The Largest crocodile an ambush predator
With the Nile crocodiles figures reaching around 250000 to 500000, these sharp African crocodiles have managed to attack scores of people and the largest crocodile in the African continent has lived to its name being the worlds worst and deadliest crocodile in the world: Gustavo. 

Like any other crocodile, Gustavo the largest Nile crocodile comes from the Crocodylidae species. Being a true crocodile, Gustavo like any other great Crocodylus niloticus was  hatched in the crocodile habitat south of the Sahara desert where most of the deadly Nile crocodile are roam the African rivers, lakes, wetlands ponds and estuaries. Today many of the African Nile crocodiles are not in the endangered species list as crocodile hunting for its skin and meat has been restricted by many international bodies of animal protection which has resulted in proper data collection and monitoring of the Nile crocodile species.

Hunting tactics adapted to swimming and camouflage along the crocodile rivers
While In Burundi by the year 2004 Gustavo with plenty of food to eat and maturing with age, this great Nile crocodile was cloaking almost 60 years old measuring around 6.1 meters in length weighing approximately 1000kgs. Gustavo became to be known as the largest crocodile ever in Africa.

Gustavo became to be known as a man-eating crocodile as his sheer size and weight could not be sustained by the small fish to satisfy his huge appetite and also him being in the top hierarchy of the crocodile habitat in its native waters. Gustavo was well acquainted  with these waters and could swim for miles as is the case with most crocodiles in search of females to mate and the urge to explore and expand its territory.

The supper size crocodile fore test carnivorous appetite of man

This Super size Nile crocodile resorted into claiming and  attack bigger preys mainly larger zebras, water buffalo, hippopotamus, wildebeest and people who waded the infested waters which were full of these dangerous animals. While rumors has it that this greatest Nile crocodile started to get accustomed to eating people as a result of the people who were thrown in many along the rivers during the Burundi civil war

Back in the mid 1950s the largest saltwater crocodile in the world ever  hunted down “Krys the Savannah King” was shot on the head in 1957 by Krystina Pawlowski on the banks of the Norman River. An 8.64m alleged replica of a crocodile shot in the area in the 1950s sits proudly on the town's main street. Gustavo also faced the same fate. With many attacks on top of its list, this killer crocodile was being pursued to be put down. Spears, arrows and guns were used to subdue Niloticus crocodile but the Nile crocodile proved to be the winner. The crocodiles head has bullet marks one on his head and three on his right side with wounds which which have healed and have a lot of history to tell

Territorial predator and scavenger
Being able to adopt in fresh water, the  saltwater crocodile cousins are on top of being the largest from the rest of the crocodile species as they can swim perfectly well in search of small any marine animals big or small for its appetite in any of the Indian, Australia and the far East waters.  Booth in Asia and Australia some staggering saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) of 6 metres (20 ft) long are also topping the list among the longest crocodiles in the world. A glimpse of individuals astonishing lengths  of 7 meters  long crocodiles have been put on record.  Once again the  eastern parts of  India according to the Guinness Book of World Records has entered and confirmed the existence of a 7 meters salt water crocodiles as some of the biggest crocodiles in the world.

Despite the fact that the largest Nile crocodile is still on the lose among the African rivers, case of crocodile attacks will keep on coming up as people become aware of the giant African killer crocodile is till on the run out there.  Will Gustavo still be the largest African crocodile as time goes bye just like the famous Crocodile Dandee? Well only time will tell as the crocodile habitat gradually comes into contact with man during fishing, farming and transportation the crocodile movements will have to be put under check as in many parts where Gustavo set foot, scores of people lost their lives. With the existing crocodile farming, we are yet to see many more larger crocodiles with time both in captivity and in many crocodile and animal sanctuaries and national parks. 
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