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The Great Horn of Africa and the Plight of the endangered Flora and Fauna

Sunday, 13 November 2011
Saving a Life is a decision.
Our decisions have always  determined our directions in terms of need in different parts of the world. Droughts, wild fires, tsunamis, earthquakes are just part of our embedded lives. Wild animals are killed, animals are attacked and the most endangered animals perish as a result of the fore seen and unforeseen global events and end up being reported in the worlds animal news while some great inspiring news about saving the animals and lives of many just perish with the ill wind that sweeps across.
We all need to Decide to be positive in the different natural and man made calamities that engulf the different places that we live in. We have all witnessed just within our different spheres of living with animals who are destitute and without rain, the situation is blown in different proportions.  Humans scavenge for the slightest twig they can get to enable them utilize it as a basic need. Animals on the other hand with little or no protection at all find grass or the little foliage with its last steps being observed by other dangerous animals hovering above the sky waiting for any kind of flesh that fumbles and is left for the mercy of the earth to consume it.
Its only by Deciding to move onward in terms of helping the needy and giving a helping hand despite any ongoing events then and only then do we humans move upward. The Horn of Africa has its own great history. The African Bush Elephants was home to this beautiful land for centuries and little did the world know that many of the elephants had to move south of the  Sahara desert well never to come back again just because of national boundaries and the restriction of animals by the relevant authorities. Lions and many of the Big five animal population thrived for decades. what went wrong is just a matter of another finding yet to be presented. Does the horn of Africa has a role to play in terms of bringing back some of the lost heritage of wild animals? With constant monitoring of the current refugee status and the civil conflict around the Horn of Africa little is expected and the little help available just makes all the baby step needed to help conserve the future animals of the Horn of Africa. As far as the remaining endangered or near extinct animals are concerned, the world has to take the initiatives so that when such animals are re introduced in the wild, change is always there.
Saving a life is the same as saving humanity and  Deciding to save a child or any child in any part of the world as many would have said is just what we humans do. Animals also have feelings. They need love and affections as well was for the betterment and giving hope for more people to be aware that something can be done at large with the collaboration of many hands with limited resources. Its not just the money, prayers and communication just mends it all and  to be positive in spite of what the rest of the world is talking about. If the world managed to save the Serengeti Natural wonder of the wildebeest  animal migration what more can that helping had provide to the few million of the Horn of Africa which need all the help just like any other situation we live and have lived in.
You do not have to join in.
Get out of the negative feedback loop.
Decide in favor of helping as you have also been blessed in your own world at large with all the abundant of opportunities whether achieved or ascribed. Lets all give  happiness whether it’s a war torn area or a flood denudated region, peace for all those who seek it and deserve it to progress just as you and me have experienced it, abundance of the basic necessities which WE TAKE FOR GRANTED JUST AS THE FRESH DEW DROP EARLY IN THE MORNING and with all our support physically, mentally , spiritually emotionally financially psychologically they are sure to succeed. It’s just a WIN-WIN situation.
It is your decision whether to save a child while the rest of the clan is looting and plundering.
It's just a decision.
Lets all achieve that PEACE NEEDED PIECE BY PIECE
Threatened Species
Threatened Species: The following list includes all mammals which occur in Somalia and are rated as Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN) or Vulnerable (VU) in the2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals.
•           Critically Endangered:
African Wild Ass(Equus africanus).
Hirola (Hunter's Antelope or Hartebeest(Damaliscus hunteri).
Somali Golden Mole(Chlorotalpa tytonis). (Endemicto Somalia.)
•           Endangered:
Somali Elephant Shrew(Elephantulus revoili). (Endemicto Somalia.)
•           Vulnerable:
African Elephant(Loxodonta africana).
Ammodile (Gerbil Family)(Ammodillus imbellis).
Beira Antelope(Dorcatragus megalotis).
Cheetah(Acinonyx jubatus).
Dibatag(Ammodorcas clarkei).
Dorcas Gazelle(Gazella dorcas).
Dugong(Dugong dugon).
Greenwood's Shrew(Crocidura greenwoodi). (Endemicto Somalia.)
Lion(Panthera leo).
Mouse-tailed Bat Species(Rhinopoma macinnesi).
Red Bush Squirrel(Paraxerus palliatus).
Silver Dikdik(Madoqua piacentinii). (Endemicto Somalia.)
Soemmerring's Gazelle(Gazella soemmerringii).
Speke's Gazelle(Gazella spekei).


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