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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dangerous lions on the attack eating, biting mauling attacking their owners and trainers. Viewer’s discretion is advised. This video may contain scenes which might be offending to some viewers. Viewer’s discretion is advised

Many animal attacks incidents in circus have made circus owners get killed or injured. These wild animals are either killed on the spot if involved in human animal attacks or they escape from animal circuses or animal zoos. When wild animals escape, they go on the rampage and this always results resulting in property damage, injuries, and death for both humans and animals. People should not forget that wild animals have their own animal instincts which we humans have yet to learn and how to be able to recognize and perceive it.

 Animal lawsuits, compensation and medical bills are left to be paid for the injured people and trauma with an extended period of shock for those caught in the scene. Wile animals can be tamed but to what extent is what people need to find out within themselves. These brave men and women are there to entertain after long painstaking hours of enduring and nurturing of these animals. Had it not been in their blood to reach such excellence as envisaged in the animals’ performance and acts, people would not have dared to venture into such breath taking acts even to dare watch news regarding animals.

 But because of animal education and the love of nature, having known the importance of these natural predators and their amazing acts it comes a time when freedom needs to be given and it comes at a price as in many animal attacks around the world which people can be able to see in the most top tem amazing animal attack videos. With modern technology, people are now seeing the heroes of these animal being attacked and attacking other human beings. This raises questions of animal rights, animal cruelty and animal freedom.

Dangerous Man eating Predators

Many animal attacks and acidents world wide occure in different environments. Some lives are lost, shattered, devastated and some peole end up to be hiros. Animal attacks when fully utilesed for educationand not for entertainment  but for coonservation is only when we can get the best outof iit. Dangerouse animals attacks comeinmay forms as given in this dangerouse encounter.

Leopards have long been preyed upon by man. Their soft, dense, beautiful fur has been used for ceremonial robes and coats. Different parts of the leopard the tail, claws and whiskers are popular as fetishes. These cats have a reputation as wanton killers, but research does not support the claim. In some areas farmers try to exterminate them, while in others leopards are considered symbols of wisdom. Leopards do well in captivity, and some have lived as long as 21 years.

Animal Fact File:
Swahili Name:Chui
Scientific Name:Panthera pardus
Size:About 28 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Up to 140 pounds
Lifespan:21 years in captivity
Habitat:Bush and riverine forest
Gestation:Approximately 21/2 months

Leopard Deadly Attack






Wild Dangerous Dingoes maul girl on Fraser Island

Two dingoes have been destroyed after mauling a three-year-old girl on Queensland's Fraser Island, renewing debate over how the wild animals are managed.


  1. Wellmostof us need to understand that we are the ones who are responcible for our acts. Wild animals have feelings and taking care of them means making that one big step and taking them as partof nature. There are many responsibilities and sacrifieces which need tobe made. Education, information and communication about these dangerous animals has to be givena priority in this mordern world.

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