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Dangerous Animals in Georgia

October 25, 2011. for the latest animal attacks news click on the link  below

 Dangerous Animals in Georgia
  1. bears
  2. bobcats
  3. coyotes
  4. fox
  5. deer
venomous snakes in Georgia     
  1. Cottonmouth   
  2. Copperhead      
  3. Rattlesnake       
  4. Coral snake

Venomous Spiders in Georgia
  1. Black Widow
  2. Brown Recluse
Dangerous Birds in Georgia
  1. vultures
  2. hawks
  3. bald and golden eagles
Dangerous Biting Insects in Georgia 
  1. fire ants (reddish brown)
  2. centipedes
  3. bees   
Dangerous Stinging Insects in Georgia
  1. bees
  2. scorpions (Little Southern Devil Scorpion)
  3. wasps (velvet ant yellow jacket)
  4. hornets
wild turkeys, raccoon, opossums, deer, river otters, squirrels, beavers, minks, chipmunks,  beavers, rabbits, numerous song birds, hummingbirds, ducks, geese, owls,  , peregrine falcons, herons, , kingfishers, osprey

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