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An African Animal safari in the rain

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Animal safaris are as good as they can get. With the right animals to see in any given habitat, wildlife is the ultimate goad for any safari destination in the world. While natural phenomenon such as weather, animals are not deterred with any weather conditions as far as the rains concerned. The animals which prey on other animals find courage to hunt in the rain so long as their easy prey is just lingering around and scared by the rain. As strange s it can be, some animal safari adventures are always very pleasant if you happen to be in one. 

Driving on the red volcanic soil in the African Savannah lands is as thrilling as the animals in the wilderness themselves. Despite the fact that these beautiful safaris come at a cost of time and money, for those who have nothing to fear.

The animal action is always there. lions chase other animals to eat. Hyenas on the other hand will steal the lions meat if the lioness is the only lion which has hunted the animal down and the rest of the lion heard is away. The cheetah on the other hand will try to get whatever food it can get as much as possible without being seen while still making sure it is not falling prey to other dangerous animals in the same habitat as well. 

This vicious cycle of the hunters and the hunted prey and predator is just fascinating when you come to think of it. Its that animal safari travelers who needs to make use of the adventure that has presented itself. If fear of getting stuck in the mud while going off-road which is always the case while travelling in the 4by4 wheel drives, the African long rains sometimes can render these weather roads to be inaccessible. That being the case, other possibilities are here to be flown  out of the area if the rains persists. This is not the casein may of the national parks in the African Savannah where they also have air rescue. With the prevailing weather conditions, someone should be able to access the situation and also get some advise from his travel agent or tour guide as to whether the animal safari at hand is as perfect as it can be.

If you are lucky to be passing some-of the major rivers along the African Savannah, you might just be lucky to see the basking Nile crocodiles and what a great moment to see these beautiful dangerous animals in their own natural habitat. Despite the fact that weather conditions always condition someone to like or not to like a safari, one should be pondering about the amazing animals in the rain forest of different parts of the world. When you talk of rain, it rains day in and day out. Showers here an showers there, That has not stopped the dedicated animal researchers to venture into these rain forest wilderness to come up with amazing research and information about exotic animals, reptiles birds species and other endangered animal species found in these beautiful habitat which is now being encroached by the general populations as people keep on looking for timber to feed their industries, farming to feed the hunger of the growing population and the continuous hunting of the different animal species found in the rain forest as a souse of food or bush meet all together. 

For the local person this is not a surprise for him as his ancestors have been hunting and walking in may of the forest and jungles of these habitat where animals have always not been a threat to them as there was always plenty to eat and a lot of ground to cover while marking their territory. But with the advent or roads in these beautiful animal habitat have pushed these endangered animals deep int he forest  an sometimes a clash between man and animal takes place. With modern arsenals, man has been able to hunt down these animals  down with the pretext that they had destroyed his land or property. 

When such episodes of who is right and who is wrong start to emerge, there is always one victor and that is the person who have a voice. If all animals had their own rights to defend themselves, the carnage of some of the most beautiful animals in the word would not have been taking place. Despite the fact that thee is a great hue and cry about the plight of rare and endangered animal species, a few good men and women are on the fore front to see such gestures are not taking place through  animal awareness programs and the plight of the environment and the endangered animals a swell. If the while world would have learned that there is a need to preserve these beautiful animals, people would not have had to travel miles and miles just to see these beautiful animals in different parts of the wild. 

But since the carnage had started centuries ago and was mainly conducted by the rich and the royal, many of these same people through their constant visits have seen the change in the lives of these wild animals they visited while they were in these beautiful animal habitat.

Wild Animal Dangerous Breeding Grounds

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wild animals have a lot to teach us as conservation and protection of the environment is considered. Different wild animals have always been moving from places to places in search of beautiful pastures and fresh water there by settling and creating their natural breeding grounds and hence protect their herds and families as well. With all the modern technology, man has tried to conquer the wilderness for his own good. There is little which has been done in the plight of dangerous wild animals which has really had a great impact with the clash of dangerous wild animals and the current unwanted animal attacks and loss of habitat loss for these beautiful dangerous animal

Its not than man has not been benefiting from these wild animals but by the time people start making the hue and cry, the damage is always way to far and with the existing credit crunch, Geo politics and Geo economics, many people and sectors of the society have managed to take advantage of many of the situations that hinder the proper conservation and protection of wild animals not only while they are in the wild but also in many of the worlds natural reserves and conservation centres and while in captivity.

With little resources for wild animal protection and conservation, many of the dangerous wild animal natural breeding grounds are not given the proper protection hence many of the wild plants and natural forest have resulted in the unwanted movement of animals in new territories and find themselves victims of circumstances as they stray into human natural habitat thereby bringing a clash resulting in many of the wild animals being hunted down and put down just because they have strayed in to places where humans have encroached and with little protections its the wild animals which end up being victimised within their homestead which they used to move freely.

With different people and cultures still making use of animal parts and animal products, there are many thins which don't just hit home as a rule of thumb. Despite our technological advancement, people while trying to cope up with the complexities of the modern world, they tend to find answers back from nature and while some take the monopoly of the existing natural resources and wild animals, there has always been an ever exploitation of both the animals and the environment and when natural calamities prevail, the beautiful earth which was blessed with its bounty 
As the number of wild animals keep on dwindling,  different ongoing research which is carried  for the sake of breeding these endangered and near extinction wild animals has to come at the right time. With little awareness of many of the dangerous animals which are almost being wiped out due to traditions or medicinal value, you get that there has to be a yardstick so that the rule of law regarding dangerous animals should apply so as to have a conformity of how to handle wild animals and the environment instead of letting it being degraded while little is left for the coming generation.
While a collective effort is needed by creating awareness from the ground level, finances and the willingness of the masses has to be steered in order to gain their faith for any ongoing natural preservation of both plants and animals before they reach heights of no return in terms of conservation. With the ever natural phenomenon which are ever unpredictable, rising up after the great falls is just the way forward in making these living creatures and plants be able to fend for themselves as they keep on adopting to the natural vegetation and the very resources available to them.

The ecosystem and the different animal breeding grounds have always been able to sustain themselves if they are not interfered with man made habitats and movement. This has been the focal point of many of the losses of these breeding grounds of animals as there has always been the lust for more and exploitation of resources for the ever growing population of the world. While people tend to blame it on nature, people have brains to help alleviate the already existing natural problems of different parts of the natural habitat which engulf these beautiful dangerous wild animals just across our state and national boundaries. We have been crossing paths with dangerous animals from time and memorial and with man ever changing personality and his search for knowledge and information, lines are crosses hence the clash of man verses animal and with all the human and animal rights, the one with superior weapons in the modern world is just at he top of the list despite many conventions and treaties which have been ratified and keep on being ratified. While such a move to protect and preserve these dangerous animal breeding grounds is still having some hopes due to the endless efforts from a few good people and organisations worldwide, the snail pace is tiresome and time consuming while many of the dangerous animals are being depleted day in day out.
What does the future hold for the wilderness and the plight of wild animals at large is something which both men and women big and small have to ponder. Fore those who have managed to go on an African Safari might have a ground reality of the true facts of what needs to be done and the extent of damage being caused and what is being done to help protect these precious breeding grounds of such beautiful wild animals despite dangerous hash weather conditions which keep on lashing across the  great African continent with already depleted natural and financial resources to pull itself together when such natural calamities sweep through.